New student to school (admission rules)

With the current school’s resources and vision the school is capable of catering for the needs of a certain number of students with mild to severe learning difficulties according to the procedures below.

Admission and Review Process

Through the admission and review process, a committee is formed in order to study, evaluate and make placement recommendations for the applicant willing to join the SEND/ Learning Support programs. The committee is made up of the principal, assistant principal, head of special educational needs department, and heads of subject departments.

Waiting List

The school can only provide a limited number of seats each year. There is always a very long waiting list of applicants who want to join our school. Priority will be based on the following criteria:

  • Siblings of students who are attending Al Ittihad Private School Jumeira

  • Children of former students who have attended Al Ittihad Private School for a minimum of 3 years

Application Requirements

The school requires the following essential documents to be attached to the application:

  • A current educational psychology report (current within 12 month)

  • A current speech and language therapy report (where the child is undergoing speech therapy)

  • A current occupational therapy report (where the child is undergoing occupational therapy)

  • A current physiotherapy report (where the child is undergoing physiotherapy)

  • Current school reports

  • Current IEP, where the child’s school has set this up



Procedures Following Application

Upon acceptance of the application, the school will arrange an interview with the child followed by a quick screening in order to assess the accommodations needed  A meeting with the parents will be conducted to discuss the findings and decision to be made.


Required Registration documents

To complete the registration process, the following forms must be submitted by the parents or legal guardians:

  • Student's original Emirates ID + a photocopy

  • Parent's original Emirates ID + a photocopy

  • (3) Recent colored passport- size photographs of the student

  • Copy of the student's birth certificate

  • Copy of the student's vaccination card

  • Copy of the student's passport with a valid residence visa for the non-UAE citizens.



Residence Visa

All students who are not United Arab Emirates citizens are required to show a valid residency visa stamp in their passports prior to the registration period.

  • Copy of your child’s residence visa, or the UAE entry stamp / letter from the sponsoring company indicating that the residence visa is under process.


    Note: Please note that all children are required to be residents in the UAE or their visa under process before commencing school. Additionally,         the passport number and residence visa number should correspond.    

Guide to SEND Students Enrollment

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