• How do I make a suggestion, report a problem or make inquiries about my child's progress?


We encourage parents and guardians to consider the content / extent of the matter and approach the Form or Subject Teacher, Heads of Department, the Deputy Principal or the Principal.


  • How does the school communicate with parents?


All individual information is sent to parents via email and teachers will request a convenient email address from you at the beginning of each academic year. All general information, newsletters and calendar information is available on this website. We are doing our best to ensure that only essential information is sent directly to you. This website is updated weekly, sometimes daily and contains a huge amount of current, relevant information relating to the school.


  • What should I do if my child is ill or cannot attend school for a specific reason?


In the event of illness, notify the office of the relevant secretary or Form Teacher by email or phone on the first day of absence or write a letter to send to school with your child. Parents seeking to remove their children from school for any period of time are required to obtain written permission from the Principal. (By law, the Ministry of Education permits a student a total of no more than 17 days absence from school.)


  • Do I need to pay for field trips?


Yes, field trips are all linked to the curriculum or part of the personal development of students and are funded by parents. Depending on the destination, the cost may vary from Dhs. 20 for local trips to Dhs. 18,000 for overseas visits (historically, these have included Korea, UK and Switzerland).

  • What should I do if my child falls ill at school?


A qualified, full time doctor and three nursing staff attend to students between 08:00 and 15:00 each day. They are on hand to deal with illness and emergencies. They will contact a parent where a referral to a hospital or more specific care may be required.

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