We are pleased to accept registration based on KHDA deadlines and availability for the required year group. The student applying should fulfill the necessary requirements of the admission. A separate registration form is required for each child and must be completed in full. It is essential that all sections of the registration form are completed. Priority is given to siblings of those who currently attend Al Ittihad Private School and to the children of former students that have attended for a minimum of 3 years (any branch). 

All new transfer students are required to supply the official transfer certificates from the previous school demonstrating the successful completion of the prior grade.  In addition, each child must pass a placement test prior to being accepted into Al Ittihad Private School.

Students transferring from outside of the UAE should attest the reports at the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the UAE Consulate in the country where the school is located.

All relevant information must be declared and any educational, social, physical, medical and behavioral issues relating to the child must be included. Relevant medical or educational psychologist’s reports should be forwarded to the school. If it is discovered that important educational, medical or behavioral information has been withheld, dismissal from the school will result.

Al Ittihad Private School can accommodate students who require specialized assistance in the areas of: speech, physical disabilities, learning, and behavioral disorders.

All new students are on probation for the first five weeks of attendance. During this probation period, Al Ittihad Private School reserves the right to withdraw a student who exhibits special problems.


Entrance exam

  • Students entering KG must undergo an interview to determine eligibility

  • As of the 2017/2018 academic year, the CAT 4 (Cognitive Ability Test) is used as a placement test for all students who are requesting to join Al Ittihad Private School in Grades 3-12. Students are also requested to pass an Arabic entrance exam 

  • The Director General must approve each students’ acceptance, after consulting the related Section Principals


Offer of a Place

If a place is available in the relevant year group and the admission criteria have been met, caregivers will be notified via telephone or e-mail. 

Required Registration documents

To complete the registration process, the following forms must

be submitted by the parents or legal guardians:

   -   Student's original Emirates ID Card  + a photocopy

   -   Parent's original Emirates ID Card  + a photocopy

   -   (3) Recent colored passport- size photographs of the student

   -   Copy of the student's birth certificate

   -   Copy of the student's vaccination card

   -   Copy of the student's passport with a valid residence visa

       for the non-UAE citizens

Residence Visa

All students who are not United Arab Emirates citizens are required to show a valid residency visa stamp in their passports prior to the registration period.

  • Copy of your child’s residence visa, or the UAE entry stamp / letter from the sponsoring company indicating that the residence visa is under process.

Note: Please note that all children are required to be residents in the UAE or their visa is under process before commencing school. Additionally, the passport number and residence visa number should correspond.    


Certificates and others

  • Original transfer certificate, if applicable, as per the UAE Ministry of Education guidelines

  • Full end of year school report for the last academic year. This must include comments on academic and social progress as well as behavior. This is also applicable to students that currently attend a school nursery

  • Current complete and detailed interim school report for the current school year, as per the UAE Ministry of Education guidelines and deadlines.

Year / Grade Equivalency

Schools around the world use different numbering conventions as well as follow different curriculums. It is common to find North American schools and those following the US Curriculum using a 12 year numbering format, and British schools and those following the National Curriculum for England and Wales using a 13 year numbering format. In addition, there are other numbering conventions as well as those mentioned. In the UAE there are many schools offering different curriculums and following different numbering conventions.

Typical Age   of Student

Al Ittihad/

  School following 

12 grade system

School following 13 grade system


                    17 - 18                                   12                                   13                    

                    16 - 17                                   11                                   12    

                    15 - 16                                   10                                   11                    

                    14 - 15                                   9                                     10     

                    13 - 14                                   8                                     9                     

                    12 - 13                                   7                                     8    

                    11 - 12                                   6                                     7                     

                    10 - 11                                   5                                     6     

                     9 - 10                                    4                                     5                     

                     8 - 9                                      3                                     4        

                     7 - 8                                      2                                     3                     

                     6 - 7                                      1                                     2        

                     5 - 6                                    KG2                                   1                     

                     4 - 5                                    KG1                                 KG2    

                     3 - 4                                   PreKG                               KG1                   

Guide to Students Enrollment

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