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@ HHSKHMohd: #InternationalWomensDay: “Behind every great community stand great women, leading each generation and raising our families and nation higher. Yearly you’re stronger, better and more beautiful; the strength of our nation.”


Dear school community,


It’s the vision of such great leadership that inspires young ladies to peruse education and dreams that seemed, not too many years ago,  unreachable to them. Such inspirational words, reinforced by our school’s vision - A Generation of Heritage Guardians and Global Thinkers – can only result in a generation of inspirational young ladies. This generation of young girls is fiercely proud of their nation, Emarati culture and identity. They are young women heavily invested in education and the pursuit of life- long learning; they know it will open realms and doors of success that will help their beloved UAE reach the vision set by its phenomenal leadership. 

#ReadingYear, #National Council Of Youth, #UAE Council of Scientists, #Ministries of Happiness, Tolerance and Youth Innovation….all these have inspired us at school to continue to develop programs and curricula that help deliver the vision of this nation. In 2016, our young ladies of Al Ittihad participated in many challenges and competitions: The Reading Challenge (over 125 girls participated, over 1500 books were read), Think Science ( 9 projects participated and 3 won), the international INTEL Science Competition in Arizona, USA ( 6 projects participated from the UAE, of which 3 projects were by 9 most amazingly brilliant young female scientists from our Girls Section;  one of the projects won the Alcoa Foundation’s Sustainability Award - that is such a beautiful success story!); Dubai Cares (money was raised to build a school); Rayaheen al Qur’an (a proud 45 young ladies memorized the holy verses of the Qur’an), ), Intercultural Fair (the World at home in at Al Ittihad);  Career Fair (spectacular  career booths were designed by Grade 12 students and presented to their Gr.11 counterparts) , STEAM Fair (Grades 7&8 showcased amazing projects), Debate competition,  a very effective Student Council and student representatives at several KHDA WhatWorks events, and much, much more.

Our journey and road to continuous growth and success is never ending. Every year a graduation class walks out the school gates, and thanks to Allah’s grace and their hard work, they become role models that shine. Many have already proven so over the years. We look forward to see what the Class of 2016 will accomplish. May Allah bless their every step. As for the rest of us, we will continue to live by HH Sheihk Mohamad’s philosophy: “We are proud of our past and our present and we face the future with unflagging determination.”


Nathalie C. Shaar

Girls Section Principal/ HOD English Gr. 7-12

Middle/High School Girls

Middle/High School Overview

We believe that in our quest for preparing a generation of responsible, life-long learners and critical thinkers, we must provide our students with a suitable academic environment for them to mature psychologically and reveal their talents. Our specialists guide and assist the students through their academic journey and help them overcome any obstacles they might face. Our academic counseling also helps them in choosing the appropriate field of study that best suits their skills, needs, and future plans.
Our focus is to involve our girls in curricular and extra-curricular activities which have significant effects on raising the learning standards thereby, motivating students to excel. Such activities help build independent, mature personalities through guided, open discussion and the expression of personal opinions.
Our aim is to prepare our students for the future through the skills and expertise they gain from us. We inculcate discipline, values, and beliefs that suit the social demands based on the Quran and Sunnah. We also encourage the girls to respect the opinions of others, talk about their problems, and try to find suitable solutions.
We believe the parents’ role is vital to the academic and social development of our students. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that proper two-way communication channels exist between parents and staff.
As the Principal of the Girls’ Section, I fully understand the psychological and social needs of my students. Thus, I offer a comfortable environment full of respect and appreciation. I encourage my staff to develop state of the art teaching strategies to promote excellence in all the students that will be beneficial for them in their school and future lives.

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